Reasons to Switch to Ostrich

Low in Cholesterol
Although, meats are generally high in cholesterol, when it comes to ostrich meat it has a very low amount of cholesterol, which would hardly harm any being. The cholesterol level in ostrich meat is around 0,063gram in per 100gram meat. Besides, this amount of cholesterol is not harmful but actually, it is good for our body for ensuring the smooth flow of blood in our veins.
Low In Fat
Although ostrich meat has fat, its collects outside the muscle and is easily removed during processing. Ostrich meat is therefore lean with low fat content. The Heart and Stroke Foundation approve ostrich meat as a wonderful protein source.
Rich in Protein
Very rich in protein – A high 20,5% per 100g meat
Rich in Iron
Very rich in iron. Rich in iron – A high 3,2mg per 100g meat
Low in Calories
Ostrich is even lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than skinless chicken and turkey, while remaining high in iron and protein. The Diabetes Association approves and recommends ostrich as a leading source of protein It has also been approved by the American and British Heart Association
Rich In Taste and Easy to Prepare
The better Red Meat. Due to the ostrich’s good pH balance, the meat does not attract harmful bacteria as E-coli or Salmonella, unlike chicken and other meats, and that makes ostrich meat ideal for Carpaccio and even Sushi.