Ostrich Tip Roast


Ostrich Tip Roast

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Ostrich Tip Roasts are large cuts of lean red meat from the thigh. Perfect for stews, smoking, or roasts, these roasts can be prepared like any lean red meat; in a dutch oven, crockpot, or slow cook on the grill. There are two large rounds on an ostrich, weighing 2-4 pounds each. Our Ostrich Tip Roasts are available in two and four pound packages.

The Healthy Red Meat: Ostrich Meat is Low in Fat, Cholesterol and Calories yet Rich in Protein and Iron (Read more on benefits of Ostrich Meat here).

Sustainable Farming: Ostrich has a very Low Feed to Yield Ratio and only uses a fraction of the water and land of beef. Ostrich is a non-ruminant animal, thus producing very little methane gases.

Organically Raised in the USA: Our Ostriches raised and Processed in the USA. We farm organically and our Ostrich Meat is Hormone and Antibiotic Free.

USDA Approved: Our Ostrich are Humanely Processed on an Approved USDA Facility.

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