Ostrich Outside Strip


Ostrich Outside Strip

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  • Type: Ostrich Meat
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Ostrich Outside Strip is one of the most popular and succulent cuts from the ostrich. Ostrich outside strips are slightly smaller than the Inside Filet, weighing around a pound each. These cuts of lean red meat are packaged as whole, intact filets.

Ostrich Outside Strip is best grilled or quickly pan fried. Like most lean meats, it should be cooked rare to medium rare to preserve the natural tenderness of the cut.

The Healthy Red Meat: Ostrich Meat is Low in Fat, Cholesterol and Calories yet Rich in Protein and Iron (Read more on benefits of Ostrich Meat here).

Sustainable Farming: Ostrich has a very Low Feed to Yield Ratio and only uses a fraction of the water and land of beef. Ostrich is a non-ruminant animal, thus producing very little methane gases.

Organically Raised in the USA: Our Ostriches raised and Processed in the USA. We farm organically and our Ostrich Meat is Hormone and Antibiotic Free.

USDA Approved: Our Ostrich are Humanely Processed on an Approved USDA Facility.

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